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Bryerpatch Studio
From award-winning designer Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

We're phasing out these patterns as each title sells out, per Caryl's decision
to no longer sell thru distributors.

An Album of Art Quilts
1985-2002 by Caryl Bryer Fallert

CD:  BRY101        
Large Image
This is a virtual photo album.  Most text is skipped so you get to see more of the quilts.  Think of it as a coffee table book for your computer.  The CD shows 77 of Caryl's best quilts from 1985 through 2002.  Also see lots of great closeup details, some of the original designs, and watch Caryl's 2000 AQS best of show quilt grow as it is pieced.  This CD also includes a tour of Caryl's studio and biographical information.  No special software needed.  Just insert into your CD drive on a PC with Windows 95 or higher/Pentium 133 or higher. (screen resolution 1024 x 768)

Eye-Dazzling Foundation Piecing

Pattern:  BRY126 - 

Large Image
New: February 2013 Learn to draw  and convert almost any paper-piecing pattern into a curved template without measuring or math! Caryl shows you her simple methods for drawing five different kinds of paper-piecing designs, then explains how she plugs in color and value for her eye-dazzling special effects. Instructions also include Caryl's favorite method of paper-piecing and her easy Applipiecing technique. Eight practice patterns and a color exercise are also included.

Spiraling Rays

Pattern:  BRY124   -  
Large Image
Make this 15" circle of delicate spiraling points, simply by paper piecing directly on the paper templates found in this pattern. Four templates are enclosed. These will be joined to form a 15" circle within a 16" square.

Feather Study 28

Pattern:  BRY122   - 
CD:  BRY123 - 
Large Image
Learn the secret of Caryl's quick and easy Applipiecing technique while making this beautiful adaptation of her Feather Study Series.
The pattern is printed on freezer paper for your convenience. No need to trace it yourself. Basic written instructions for "Applipiecing" are included. Finished quilt will be approximately 20" x 24".
We also have a complete workshop on CD-ROM (for PC) which shows the making of the quilt, in step-by-step detail. The CD includes a gallery showing all of Caryl's Feather Study quilts and a bonus color lesson. The CD-ROM and pattern are sold separately for the benefit of those who just want to learn the techniques without making the pattern.

Square Dance
CD:  BRY 125  -  
Large Image

Learn everything you need to know about making curved seam quilts using Cary Bryer Fallert's fast, easy, and accurate Applipiecing technique. Printable patterns and detailed, printable, step-by-step directions for making the "Square Dance" block are included. This is more than just another pattern with instructions for making the same quilt the author made. Includes a bonus lesson on drawing your own designs and marking your patterns to make matching and joining your seams fast and simple.

Soaring Compliments
Pattern:  BRY119   -      
Printed on Freezer Paper - 24" Wall Quilt
3CD Set:  BRY105   -  

Large Image

Pattern only; does not include instructions.  Completed quilt is 24"x24".  Pattern is full-size and is printed on freezer paper and includes patterns for birds quilted inside the triangles.  3-CD set includes all instructions and is equivalent of a 2-day workshop.  Techniques include:  organizing color gradations, paper piecing in a curve, Applipiecing™ curves, marking your quilt top, machine quilting, making the multicolored pieced binding, and making the hanging sleeve and label.

Pattern:  BRY114   -     
Printed on Freezer Paper: 13"x18" - up to - 15"x24"
CD:   BRY102   -  

Large Image

Explore the possibilities of overlapping transparent triangles.  This is a pattern for a small 13" x 18" rectangle.  This can be made into a 15"-20: x 20"-24" wall quilt with the addition of a 1"-2.5" border.  Once your have learned the basic techniques you will be able to develop your own variations on "Illusion." Complete instructions and a pattern are included.

Migration Wall Hanging
Pattern:  BRY117   -  
CD:   BRY104   -  

Large Image

Learn the secrets of Caryl Bryer Fallert's favorite piecing techniques while making your own simplified, miniature version of her award winning Migration #2 quilt.  Included are a full size pattern and step by step instructions for piecing the flying geese in a curve, joining the curved templates using Caryl's fast and easy curved seam method, assembling the pieces, and appliquéing the birds.  Complete your wall hanging with a quilting pattern of your own choosing.  Finished wall hanging is 18"x24".  CD is equal to a 1-day workshop.

Flying Free
22" Pattern:  BRY110   -  
30" Pattern:  BRY109   -  
Large Image
This is the pattern that is on the cover of Caryl's book.  It is a full-size drawing that Caryl used as templates for her quilt.  It has been simplified just a bit to make it easier for the quilter to piece.  This is a pattern only - no written instructions are included.  The quilt was constructed using string piecing (paper piecing).  Instructions for this technique can be found in the "Creative String Piecing" pattern.

Spirals and Crescents (Now 2 quilts from one pattern)

Pattern:  BRY118   -  
Large Image
The 18" center appliqué can be cut from a painted or print fabric and appliquéd to a square of black or dark painted fabric.  This pattern may be used for either hand or machine appliqué.  Instructions for machine appliqué are included.  

Creative String Piecing

Pattern: BRY106   -  
Large Image
Learn to transform traditional quilt blocks or create your own original designs using this simple paper piecing method.

Migrating Birds

Pattern:  BRY115   -  
Large Image
This is the pattern for the birds in Caryl's "Best of Show" quilt Migration #2.  There are seven different birds in her quilt.   She then repeated them two to four times in different sizes for a total of 21 birds.  Patterns for all birds - in all sizes - are included.  

Soaring Eagles

Pattern:  BRY120   -  
Large Image
Bird pattern only - no instructions are included.
A recreation of the birds used Caryl's award winning quilt "Duet #2."  Here are the two eagles in flight with wingspans of 34".  You can use these birds to create your own original eagle quilt.  Pattern is designed for machine appliqué - can also be used hand appliqué.  

Feather Study 15

Pattern:  BRY112   -  
Large Image
30" pattern for one of the quilts in Caryl's  award winning 'feather study' series.  Make your own version of this quilt using graduated fabrics combined with commercial prints or hand painted fabrics.  This is a PATTERN ONLY.  No instructions are included.    

Flying Geese in a Curve

Pattern:  BRY111   -  
Large Image
Learn to draw and piece "Fying Geese" in a curve, like the ones in Migration #2 and Flying Free #2.  Once you have mastered this simple technique, you will be able to draw your own 'geese' and piece them into any curved template.  Five pages of detailed instructions and four 8" practice patterns included.   

Four Dancers

Pattern:  BRY108   - 
Large Image
By popular request, here are the patterns for the four dancing figures in "Dancing with the Shadow: Harmony."  Each figure is approx. 13 1/2" high. They can be used by themselves, or arranged together in several different ways.  Have fun creating your own original arrangement for these graceful dancing silhouettes.

Spinning Hexagons

Pattern:  BRY121   -  
Large Image
Use this simple technique to create stunning, one of a kind quilts.  Complete, easy to follow, step by step, illustrated instructions for making the block, and a full page of finishing ideas.  Instructional brochure, no pattern. 

High Tech Tucks

Pattern:  BRY113   -  
CD:  BRY127 - 

Large Image
Learn to make 3-D tucks in graduated colors like the ones in Caryl Bryer Fallert's High Tech Tucks series. They're fun, fast, easy, and everyone loves them.  Instructions are for an 18" high by 24" wide center rectangle of tucks. You can add a simple black border, or a wider border of your choice.  This is an easy one-day project, which has been a best seller since 1994.  (Updated it to make it even easier!)

The complete workshop on CD-ROM (PC only) shows you every step in detail with full-color pictures.  Also includes a special gallery section with pictures of many of Caryl's High Tech Tucks quilts and an explanation of how this technique was developed. Printable written instructions are included on the same disc as the workshop.

Drawing with Thread: The Fine Art of Machine Quilting
Best Tips for Successful Machine Quilting and 12 Practice Patterns

quilt.  Included are an even dozen of Caryl's most popular practice quilting patterns. You can follow them with your hands, stitching on paper to learn how to quilt each patterns.  Also included are 3 pages filled with Caryl's best tips and instructions for successful free motion machine quilting.  





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