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See new patterns from
Jean Wells Designs!



Design and Sew
Patterns specially designed with the Wearable Artists in mind!

With the passing of Lois Ericson, her pattern line has been discontinued. 
These are the only patterns remaining in stock; each pattern is $6.00 wholesale.



In the Studio 1 In the Studio 2 In the Studio 4 In the Studio 5
DAS201 DAS202 DAS204 DAS205
Large Image Large Image Large Image Large Image
In the Studio 7 In the Studio 8 In the Studio 10 "Options" book
DAS207 DAS208 DAS210 DAS501
XS-XXL XS-XXL   only a few copies left!
Large Image Large Image Large Image Large Image
Pick a Pocket Suitable Threads The Big Easy Vest Wardrobe
DAS338 DAS332 DAS339 DAS301
Large Image Large Image Large Image Large Image
A Poet's Shirt Classy Coat Classic Square Vest
DAS334 DAS328 DAS313
Large Image Large Image Large Image
Vests 3 My Favorite Pants  
DAS303 DAS341  
Large Image Large Image  





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