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Mount Redoubt Designs
Appliqué Patterns


We're discontinuing this line of patterns.  The patterns that we still have in stock are shown on this page.  Sorry that we cannot reorder these or other titles by Mt. Redoubt Designs.

Garden of Grace   - 
Special Delivery 
MRD016 - Finished Size: 32"x32"   
Not so very long ago our friend the stork did appear
Fulfilling a wish a woman held so dear
He delivered to her a bundle giving joy untold
A new life story about to unfold
That package was you, now a mother to be
And now it's your turn, oh the wonders you'll see
Hold each precious moment as long as you can
Every daughter grows quickly, each son to a man
This quilt is for your nursery, where you'll rock baby to sleep
Creating quiet and cherished memories, you'll forever keep.
Nature's Sweet Kiss  - 
MRD017 - Finished Size: 18"x41"    
They say that it's darkest
Just before dawn
When the light will illumine
And a new day is born
The new life is warming
The world from within
The beauty is forming
And hope tiptoes in
Spring whispers so gently
A tender fresh wish
That all life be reborn
By Mother Nature's sweet kiss
In Moonlight Lilies
MRD006 - Finished Size: 32” X 34”    
A moment to hold forever: pure love casts its tranquil glow on all it touches.
This three-panel art quilt was designed to give magnificent presence to a large wall space. Romantic with a dreamlike quality, the richness of its mood will bring drama and interest to even the simplest of rooms
Children Exploring
MRD012 - Finished Size: 21.5" x 52"   
To My Very Dear Child, My Precious Own
The World Around Us Is Ours On Loan
To Pay What's Due, We Must Each Day
Be Filled With Wonder In Every Which Way
So Read & Dance & Soar & Dream
Life's Greatest Joy's Sewn Into Every Seam
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