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Please print out this form, fill it out, then fax it to us.  Your information will not line up correctly if you try to fill it in by typing it while online.

Business Name __________________________________________________

Store Name (if different)___________________________________________

Contact:_________________________________ Title __________________

Email Address: (required for wholesale price list - Please print very clearly!


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Telephone ____________________________ Fax ___________________________________

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Accounts Payable Contact if other than owner:

Name ________________________________ Tel ______________________________

Proprietorship?  Yes No      Partnership?  Yes No                Corporation?   Yes No

How Long in Business? ________________ How long at this address? _____________

Store Information:

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___ Quilt Store      ___ Fabric Store       ___ General Mercantile      ___Other

Machine Dealership? ____________________________________

Special Interest Areas

___ Workshops ___ Heirloom ___ Clothing Fabric ___ Wearable Art 



Wholesale Price List (Password Required)

Quilt Stores::  To obtain a password for the Wholesale Price List, you must open a wholesale account.  It's fast and easy!  Simply click on  the following link: Wholesale Information  and follow the instructions. 

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