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Pattern Cross Reference by Title


Dad's Plaids Calico Cat Patterns
Daffodils Designer's Workshop
Daisy Dream Quilt Design Northwest
Daisy Star Brookshier Design Studio
Dance TyQuilts Designs
Dance of the Dragonflies Southwind Designs
Dancin' & Prancn' Reindeer Linderella's
Dancing  Maple Island Quilts
Dancing Diagonals Sew Biz / Diane Weber Designs
Dancing Leaves Storyquilts
Dancing Pinwheels Southwind Designs
Dancing Tree Bryerpatch Studio
Darling Dogs Darcy Ashton
Day Lilies Designer's Workshop
Day Tote & Cargo Tote Favorite Things
DayZ PawZ Sew Biz / Diane Weber Designs
DayZ SplitZ Sew Biz / Diane Weber Designs
Daydreamer Duo Rag Merchant
Dazzling Diamonds Sew Biz / Diane Weber Designs
Dearie Remember Me Liberty Star
December 24th Kay's Quilts
Dee-lightful Jacket Birch Street Clothing
Delectable Mountain Star Mary K Ryan Designs
Delightful Daffs Pat Sloan & Co.
Della Robbia Bella Nonna
Denise's Catch-All Caddy Kay's Quilts
Desert Colors Jane Wilson Designs
Desert Diner Ladyhawk Designs
Desert Rose Southwind Designs
Desert Spring Pieceful Expressions
Desert Storm Ladyhawk Designs
Designerís Choice Vest Grainline Gear
Diamond Delight Sew Biz / Diane Weber Designs
Diamond Log Cabin A Very Special Collection
Diamond Mosaic Perkins Dry Goods
Diamond Path Star City Creations
Diamond Phase Saginaw Quilt Company
Diamonds Can be a Quilter's Best Friend Four Corners Designs
Diane's Garden Details by Diane
Dianthus Three Swans Studios
Dimensional Rosebud Southwind Designs
Dimensional Star Links Southwind Designs
Dine in Style A Very Special Collection
Dinosaurs on Chloe Lane Cidz Kidz
Do-Si-Do Ann Anderson / Quilt Woman
Do the Twist Bella Nonna Designs
Do What You Love Jane Wilson Designs
Does it Bite? Java House Quilts
Doggie Bag Holly Garbutt Designs / QuiltWoman
Dogwood Designer's Workshop
Dolphin Magic Sunset Silhouette Designs
Domburi Brookshier Design Studio
Donít Fence Me In Maple Island Quilts
Donut Holes All Washed Up
Double Flowers Southwind Designs
Double Delight Sew Biz / Diane Weber Designs
Double Delight Skirt Akasha Clothing
Double Duty Bag Sewbaby Designs
Double Envelope Bag Scrap-bags
Double Irish Weave Cotton Pickiní Designs
Double Spools Brookshier Design Studio
Double Star Duo A Very Special Collection
Double Trouble Storyquilts
Double Wedding Ring (Big Block) A Very Special Collection
Down by the Seashore Elisa's Backporch
Down the Garden Path Lovquilt
Dragon (The) Three Swans Studio
Dragon on the Wind Needlesongs
Dragonfire Needlesongs
Dragonflies Ashton Publications
Dragonflies Quilt Design Northwest
Dragonflies in Flight Pacific Rim Quilt Company
Dragonflies with Rose Buds Ashton Publications
Dragonfly (The) Three Swans Studio
Dragonfly (The) Revisions
Dragonfly Bag Three Swans Studios
Dragonfly Dance Ruby Lagoon Quilt Co.
Dragonfly Garden Three Swans Studio
Dragonfly Meadow Java House Quilts
Dragonfly Paradise Three Swans Studios
Dragonfly Scroll June Colburn Designs
Dream Castles Needlesongs
Dream Houses Four Corners Designs
Dreams Do Come True Needlesongs
Dresden Ring Patchwork Studios
Dressing for Dinner Cabin Fever Crafts
Drive Me Knots! Frog Hollow Designs
Duck, Duck, Goose Itza Beach Designs
Ducks All Around Southwind Designs
Duffle Purse The Quilted Closet
Dune Thistle Pieceful Expressions
Durango Dancer Jane Wilson Designs
Dutch Iris & Snowdrops Designer's Workshop
Eagle Spirit Sunset Silhouette Designs
Easter Egg Table Topper and Swag Kay's Quilts
Eastern Folds (1, 2 and 3) Karen Goetzinger
Easy Celtic Cabin Fever Crafts
Easy Curves Details to Share With You
Easy Elegance Scarf Brensan Studios
Easy Pieces Dana Marie Designs
Easy Street Jacket Four Corners Designs
Ebb and Flow Designer's Workshop
Echo Stars Far-Flung Quilts
Eclectic Quilts Stitchin' Post
Eeeeek! Halloween Spiders Linderella's
Egg Basket KLM Trade Company
Eldorado Four Corners Designs
Elegant Stars Runner The Quilted Closet
Elizabeth's Sampler The Rabbit Factory
Elk Country Sunset Silhouette Designs
Elvis in Concert Jane Wilson Designs
Endearment  Liberty Star
Endless Chain Stitchin' Friends
English Garden Cotton Pickin' Designs
English Roses Designer's Workshop
Envelope Vest Birch Street Clothing
(The) Essential Tote Lazy Girl Designs
Eureka Maple Island Quilts
Evening Jacket Birch Street Clothing
Evening Star Canyon Creek Fabrics
Everyday Baskets Saginaw Quilt Company
Everyday Dresses Taylor Made Designs
Eveyday Handbag Liberty Star
Everyday Jackets . . . Again Taylor Made Designs
Every Day Shirt Four Corners Designs
Everything but the Baby SewBaby Patterns
Everyway Pants (The) Favorite Things
Expression of Roses Canyon Creek Fabrics
Fab 5 (Book) Linderella's Quilt Design Studio
Fab Knits - Scarf & Shawl Rag Merchant
Fab Knits - Miracle-Mile Scarf Rag Merchant
Fab Knits - Shoulder Bag Rag Merchant
Fab Knits - Tote Rag Merchant
Fabric Bowls (Freestyle) Naughty Pine Designs
Fabric Diary Liberty Star
Fabric Envelopes KLM Trade Company
Fabric Fun for Kids (Book) KarenWorks Quilt Designs
Fabric Postcards Naughty Pine Designs
Fabric Take-Out Box Storyquilts
Fabriholic Jane Wilson Designs
Faceted Jewels Moonlight Designs
Fairy Flowers Southwind Designs
Fall Encounters Sunset Silhouette Designs
Fall in Flight Pieceful Expressions
Fallen Leaves A Very Special Collection
Falling Foliage Canyon Creek Fabrics
Fan-Dang-Go Itza Beach Designs
Fancy Floral Fence Cotton Pickiní Designs
Fancy Footwear Cotton Pickin' Designs
Fancy Threads The Quilted Closet
Fantastic Fans KarenWorks Quilt Designs
Fan-tastic Sport Quilts Four Corners Designs
Fantastic Clutchtastic Bag Rosewood Manor
Fantasy Cabin Fever Crafts
Fantasy Rose Pacific Rim Quilt Company
Fast & Fun Flannel Elisaís Backporch Designs
Fat Friday All Washed Up
Fat Quarter Fiesta TyQuilts Designs
Fat Quarter Skrappysak Design & Planning Concepts
(My) Favorite Duffle Bag Lazy Girl Designs
Feather Quilt Noble Needle
Feather Study Bryerpatch Studio
Feathered Falls Sew Biz / Diane Weber Designs
Feathered Star Mary K Ryan Designs
Feathered Star A Very Special Collection
Feathered Sweetheart H.D. Designs
Feathered Window H.D. Designs
Feature Presentation Saginaw Street Quilt Co.
February Heart Four Corners Designs
Federal Square Table Runner Calico Cat Patterns
Feelin' Groovy Linderella's Quilt Design Studio
Festival Basket Storyquilts
Festive Star Tree Skirt Stitchin' Friends
Field of Flowers Cotton Pickiní Designs
Field of Flowers Four Corners Designs
Fiesta Kaleidoscope McCaffery Designs / Quilt Woman
Finishing Touch Country in the City
Firecrackers Two Sisters at Squirrel Hollow
Firestorm Dyed and Gone to Heaven / QuiltWoman
First Fruits Three Swans Studios
Fish Follies With Needle and Thread
Fisherman Storyquilts
Fisherman's Dream Sunset Silhouette Designs
Five of Diamonds Sew-Biz / Diane Weber Designs
Flag Garden Noble Needle
Flamingo Fling Custom Creations
Flap Happy McKenna Linn/Restuccia/QuiltWoman
Flap Jacket Country in the City
Flashy Patches Rag Merchant
Fleece Dress Birch Street Clothing
Fleece with Flair Four Corners Designs
Fleur Itza Beach Designs
Flight  Maple Island Quilts
Flight Before Christmas Java House Quilts
Flight Jacket Saf-T-Pockets Patterns
Flip Pillows Four Corners Designs
Flipped Out Maple Island Quilts
Flirty Curves Jacket Brensan Studios
Flit Itza Beach Designs
Floating Amish Sampler Quilt Woman Designs
Floating Treasures Quilt Woman Designs
Floating Tumbling Blocks Kay's Quilts
Floozie with Flair Flamingo Island Designs
Florabunda Brookshier Design Studio
Floral Box Elisaís Backporch Designs
Floral Impression Canyon Creek Fabrics
Floral Inspiration Canyon Creek Fabrics
Floral Nine Patch Star Quilt Sand and Sun Designs
Floral Stars KarenWorks Quilt Designs
Floral Trellis KarenWorks Quilt Designs
Florentine Sew Biz / Diane Weber Designs
Flower Boxes Heatherworks
Flower Garden Flamingo Island Designs
Flower Power Cotton Pickiní Designs
Flower Power Linderella's Quilt Design Studio
Flowers Details by Diane
Flowers in my Cabin Designs to Share with You
Flutter  Custom Creations
Flutterbies in the Garden With Needle and Thread
Flutterbys  Cotton Pickiní Designs
Flutter-Byez Itza Beach Designs
Fly Away Home Favorite Things
Flying Free (22" and 30") Bryerpatch Studio
Flying Geese & More! (book) Lazy Girl Designs
Flying Geese in a Curve Bryerpatch Studio
Flying Geese x4 No Math Ruler Lazy Girl Designs
Folk Art Finery The Rabbit Factory
Follow Me OCarol Designs
Follow the Drinking Gourd The Kirk Collection / Quilt Woman
Follow Your Bliss Jane Wilson Designs
Foo Lions June Colburn Designs
Footloose  Custom Creations
For Fabric Collectors Cabin Fever Crafts
Forecast Dana Marie Designs
Forget Me Not Quilt Scrap-Bags
Four Corners Block (Multiple Choice) Four Corners Designs
Four Dancers Bryerpatch Studio
Four-Get Me Knot Patchwork Studios
Four Luck KLM Trade Company
Four Patch Fancy Perkins Dry Goods
Four Patch Quick Step Quilt Cotton Dreams
Four Seasons Dress Dana Marie Designs
Four Seasons Hat Favorite Things
Four-Square Jacket Rag Merchant
Four Star Squared Patchwork Studios
Four Yard Wonder Jacket Rag Merchant
Fractured Log Cabin Starlight Studios
Fragments Liberty Star
Fragrance Counter Custom Creations
Fraktur (BOM) The Rabbit Factory
Frames  Maple Island Quilts
Franís Jacket Rag Merchant
Frayed Jacket Favorite Things
Free Ride Jane Wilson Designs
Free Range Chickens Jane Wilson Designs
Freestyle 4 Patch! Saginaw Quilt Company
Freestyle Fabric Bowls Naughty Pine Designs
French Bedroom Favorite Things
French Country Inn Brookshier Design Studio
Fresh as a Daisy Cotton Pickiní Designs
Fresh Bouquet Cotton Pickiní Designs
Fridge Quilts & Magnets Designs to Share With You
Fridley's Fence VZQ Designs
Friendly Four-Patch Patchwork Studios
Friendship Star Calico Cat Patterns
Frightfully Crazy Buggy Barn
Frizzled & Frazzled (Bookcovers) Cabin Fever Crafts
Frizzled Flag Quilt Janae King
Frog Cabin Java House Quilts
Frog Folio Java House Quilts
(Le) Froggie Sac Holly Garbutt Designs / QuiltWoman
Frosty, Raw Edge Snowman Saginaw Street Quilt Company
Fruit for Thought Storyquilts
Frosty Friends SewBaby Patterns
Frosty Friends Sunset Silhouette Designs
Fruit Suit Birch Street Clothing
Funky 4 Patch Saginaw Street Quilt Company
Fun-of-it Jacket Rag Merchant
Fun on the Beach Sunset Silhouette Designs
Fundamental Vests Brensan Studios


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