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Pattern Cross Reference by Title


'N Twined Squares Kuntry Quiltin'
Napa Harvest Brookshier Design Studio
Nature's Sweet Kiss Mt. Redoubt Designs
Nature's Treasures Canyon Creek Fabrics
Nature's Way Tablerunner Naughty Pine Designs
Naughty or Nice (Stockings) Liberty Star
Nautical Pincushions Wonder Woman Quilts
Navajo Mother & Child Jane Wilson Designs
Navajo Potter Jane Wilson Designs
Navajo Wool Jane Wilson Designs
Navistars  Mary K Ryan Designs
Needle in a Haystack Vest Lorraine Torrence Designs
Needlework Bag Pat Sloan & Co.
Neighbor Lady Liberty Star
Neighborhood Watch Four Corners Designs
Nest Liberty Star
Never Enough Shoes! Custom Creations
New Chicks on the Block With Needle and Thread
New Dawn Three Swans Studio
New Directions Easy2Sew
New Moon Rising Moonlight Designs
Newport Tote Lazy Girl Designs
Nicholas and Friends With Needle and Thread
Nicholas' New Friends With Needle and Thread
Night and Day Dana Marie
Night Watch Sunset Silhouette Designs
Nine Beauties Dancing Pieceful Expressions
Nine Lives Cotton Pickin’ Designs
Nine Patch Quilt Kay's Quilts
Nine Patch Squared Lovquilt
Nite-Nite Designer's Workshop
No-Carb Sampler Four Corners Designs
No Fences Jane Wilson Designs
No Place Like Home The Rabbit Factory
Noah and Company With Needle and Thread
Noel Liberty Star
Noelle’s Jacket Rag Merchant
Nonaim Coat Design & Planning Concepts
Nonna's Hydrangeas Bella Nonna
Noren Ensemble Grainline Gear
North Head Lighthouse Starlight Studios
North Star Banner Three Swans Studio
North Star Tea Cozy Three Swans Studio
North Star Santa Saginaw Quilt Company
Not Just for Quilters Journal Cabin Fever Crafts
Not Your Average C Starlight Studios
Nothing Says Love Like a Quilt Jane Wilson Designs
Nova McCaffery Designs / Quilt Woman
Nuevo Shirt (The) Revisions
O Glory Star City Creations
O Tannenbaum Southwind Designs
Oak Leaves and Acorns Ashton Publications
October Glow Designs to Share with You
October Sky Designs to Share with You
Odd Fellow's Star (Big Block) A Very Special Collection
Odd Fellow's Star Table Runners A Very Special Collection
Oh Christmas Tree! Patti Carey
Oh My Stars Four Corners Designs
Oh My Stars and Hearts! With Needle and Thread
Old Blooms Pat Sloan & Co.
Old Fashioned Charm Rabbit Factory
Old Glory Sand and Sun Designs
Old Glory Liberty Star
Old Saint Nick! Saginaw Quilt Company
On a Roll Again Calico Moon Patterns
On the Playground Liberty Star
On the Fence Liberty Star
On the Wild Side Custom Creations
Once Upon a Star Cabin Fever Crafts
Once Upon a Sweatshirt Country in the City
One Piece Sundress SewBaby Patterns
One-Yard Apron Four Corners Designs
Ooh La La Two Sisters at Squirrel Hollow
Opposites Attract Four Corners Designs
Options  Maple Island Quilts
Options (Book) Design and Sew
Orcas at Play Sunset Silhouette Designs
Orchard Temple StoryQuilts
Oriental Blouse & Pants Birch Street Clothing
Oriental Delight KarenWorks Quilt Designs
Oriental Fan Vest June Colburn Designs
Oriental Field Coat Birch Street Clothing
Oriental Slit Blouse & Pants Birch Street Clothing
Oriental Tiles Designs to Share with You
Ornamental Christmas Details by Diane
Our American Symbol Kuntry Quiltin'
Out of Hibernation TyQuilts Designs
Out on a Limb Details by Diane
Outback Nights Dyed and Gone to Heaven / QuiltWoman
Over & Under Design and Sew
Over & Under Maple Island Quilts
Over the Chair Organizer Cabin Fever Crafts
Over the Top Jane Wilson Designs
Overall Bib Pieceful Expressions
Overalls  Taylor Made Designs
Pacific Purse Collection Revisions
Pacific Rim Coat/Vest Lorraine Torrence Designs
Packin' In Prairie Girls Quilts
Paducah or Bust Jane Wilson Designs
Pagoda StoryQuilts
Pagodas  Maple Island Quilts
Painless Eight Points (Pam’s) Buggy Barn
Painted Desert Skirt/Blouse Buckaroo Bobbins
Painted Jungle Patchworks Studios
Painted Ladies Three Swans Studio
Pajama Party Taylor Made Designs
Pajama Party The Quilted Closet
Pajama Stompers Birch Street Clothing
Panel Panache Sew Biz / Diane Weber Designs
Panel Play Jacket Lorraine Torrence Designs
Panel Play Tunic Lorraine Torrence Designs
Panel Play Vest Lorraine Torrence Designs
Panel Skirt & Vest Revisions
Panel Vest Brensan Studios
Pansies Details by Diane
Pansies & Periwinkles Pat Sloan & Co.
Pansy Delight Canyon Creek Fabrics
Pansy Patch Cotton Pickin’ Designs
Pansy Pincushion Saginaw Street Quilt Co.
Pansy Plaid Patchwork Studios
Paperback Book Covers A Very Special Collection
Paper-cut Valentines Darcy Ashton
Paramount Stars Mary K Ryan Designs
Parkbench Posies Bella Nonna
Party Bags Brookshier Design Studio
Party Frocks Sew Biz / Diane Weber Designs
Party of Four Calico Moon Patterns
Party Time Dyed & Gone to Heaven
Patch Castle Quilt Design Northwest
Patch It Up! Cotton Pickin' Designs
Patch Pony Quilt Design Northwest
Patchwerky Pants Design & Planning Concepts
Patchwork Cottage The Rabbit Factory
Patchwork Dress Birch Street Clothing
Patchwork Santa Designs to Share with You
Patchwork Tree KLM Trade Company
Path of Roses Cotton Pickin’ Designs
Patriot Pride Noble Needle Quilting
Paws Around the Cabin Star City Creations
Paws in the Posies Calico Cat Patterns
Pea Coat (The) Favorite Things
Peace Pacific Rim Quilt Company
Peace Banner Easy2Sew
Peaceful Dedication Prairie Girls Quilts
Peaceful Harmony The Rabbit Factory
Peace Lily Designer's Workshop
Peek-a-Boo Cotton Pickin' Designs
Peekaboo Brookshier Design Studios
Peek-a-Boo Car Seat Cover SewBaby Patterns
Peek-a-Boo Power Four Corners Designs
Penguin Family Pacific Rim Quilt Co.
Penguin Pals With Needle and Thread
Penguin Plunge  Java House Quilts
Penguin's Puzzle Java House Quilts
Pentecost VZQ Designs
Peonies Details by Diane
Peony (The) Revisions
Peppermint Stix Sew Biz / Diane Weber
Perchwork Java House Designs
Perennial Garden Jacket Four Corners Designs
Perennially Crazy Buggy Barn
Perfect Pouch Karen West
Perfect Pouches Lazy Girl Designs
Persian Myst Southwind Designs
Persian Star Mary K Ryan Designs
Pet Tent (Pop-Up) Birch Street Clothing
Petal Dress SewBaby Patterns
Petal Pouches Valori Wells Designs
Peter and Friends With Needle and Thread
Petrified Details by Diane
Petroglyph Ponies Jane Wilson Designs
Phebe’s Favorites Buggy Barn
Phoenix Three Swans Studio
Pic Pockets Sew Biz / Diane Weber Designs
Pick a Pocket Design and Sew
Pick Up Sticks Dyed and Gone to Heaven / QuiltWoman
Pickled Pigs Fleet Java House Quilts
Pickles & Petals Heatherworks
Picnic Lunch Jane Wilson Designs
Picnique Hoop-La Patterns
Picture Perfect Sew Biz / Diane Weber Designs
Picture Pretty Lovquilt
Picture This Lovquilt
Pie Safe Liberty Star
Piece by Piece Dana Marie
Pieced Pillowcases Lucky Charm Patterns
Pieceful Pet Beds Java House Quilts
Piecemaker's Tie Rag Merchant
Pieces of the Orient June Colburn Designs
Pillow Quilt Calico Moon Patterns
Pillow Talk Favorite Things
Pillow Talk VZQ Designs
Pillow Wraps Four Corners Designs
Pillowcase Pattern Starlight Studios
Pincushion Icons Revisions
Pineapple A Very Special Collection
Pineapple Passion Quilt-a-Way
Pineapples & Vines Patchworks Studio
Pink Flamingos Ashton Publications
Pinks Three Swans Studios
Pins & Needles Favorite Things
Pinwheel Parade Kuntry Quiltin'
Pinwheel Persuasion Patchworks Studio
Pinwheels and Patches Pacific Patchwork
Pinwheels on Parade Heatherworks
Pinwheel Tablerunner Southwind Designs
Pioneer Pathways (along the Oregon Trail) Starlight Studios
Piqued  Maple Island Quilts
Pisces Three Swans Studio
Pitter Patters Favorite Things
Pizzazz 'n' Quilts Four Corners Designs
Placemats A Very Special Collection
Placemats & Company Designs to Share with You
Placemats for All Seasons Peace by Piece Designs / QuiltWoman
Plaid Pigs With Needle and Thread
Playbag to Blanket Birch Street Clothing
Playful Patchwork Country in the City
Playtime Linderella's Quilt Design Studio
Plum Elegance H.D. Designs
Pocket Cetera Java House Quilts
Pocket Jumper (The) Favorite Things
Pocket Jumper Country in the City
Pocket Pants (1-7 yrs) Birch Street Clothing
Pocket Pouch Ghee’s
Pocket Full of Toe'zees Details by Diane
Pocket Scribbler McKenna Linn/Restuccia/QuiltWoman
Poinsettia Designer's Workshop
Poinsettias Details by Diane
Pointed Skirt Birch Street Clothing
Polaris - Light of the Night Starlight Studios
Polso Pouch Studio Kat Designs / Bags with Panache
Pomegranates Three Swans Studios
Pomona Three Swans Studios
Poncho Pizzazz SewBaby Patterns
Pop-Up Pet Tent Birch Street Clothing
Poppy Vest Designer's Workshop
Portlandia Saf-T-Pockets Patterns
Posh  Maple Island Quilts
Posie Parade The Quilted Closet
Positively Parquet Designer's Workshop
Postcards Scrap-Bags
Posy Patch Designer's Workshop
Potluck Patchwork TyQuilts Designs
Pot Luck Maple Island Quilts
Pot Luck Cotton Pickin’ Designs
Pot-Astrophe Jane Wilson Designs
Potluck Jean Dunn Designs
Power of Three Dyed and Gone to Heaven / QuiltWoman
Practically Plaid The Quilted Closet
Prairie Bonnet SewBaby Patterns
Prairie Buffalo Sunset Silhouette Designs
Prairie Point Dress Paisley Pincushion
Prairie Rose Nightgown (Childs' and Ladies') Paisley Pincushion
Prayin’ For Rain Ladyhawk Designs
Precious Pinwheels Designer's Workshop
Pressed Flowers Three Swans Studios
Presto Purse Studio Kat Designs / Bags with Panache
Pretty 'n Practical Kuntry Quiltin'
Pretty Posies Cotton Pickin’ Designs
Pretty Posies All in a Row Four Corners Designs
Pretty Practical Pouch Favorite Things
Prickly Pair Ladyhawk Designs
Prima Jacket Akasha Clothing
Primrose Lane The Quilted Closet
Princess Ballerina Jane Wilson Designs
Puffins Sunset Silhouette Designs
Pumpkin Junction Acorn Hill Quilts
(The) Pumpkin Patch Saginaw Street Quilt Co.
Pumpkin Play Java House Quilts
Pumpkin Trio The Rabbit Factory
Pumpkins Details by Diane
Punkin & Candy Corn KLM Trade Company
Punkin' & Posies Moonlight Designs
Punkin Piez Itza Beach Designs
Puppy Love Ladyhawk Designs
Puppy Love Designs to Share with You
Pure Delight Kuntry Quiltin'
Purple Dolphin's Majesty Java House Quilts
Purple Mountain Majesty Ladyhawk Designs
Purple Rose (Reverse Appliqué) Designs to Share with You
Purr-fect Pillow Easy2Sew
Purrfect Purse Holly Garbutt Designs / QuiltWoman
Purse Snaps Ghee’s
Purses, Bags & Totes Taylor Made Designs
Puzzle Box Brookshier Design Studio
Puzzler  Maple Island Quilts
Quarter Circle Jacket Brensan Studios
Quartet Three Swans Studio
Quattro Curves Jacket Grainline Gear
Queen of Hearts apron Paisley Pincushion
Quick & Comfy Dress SewBaby Patterns
Quick Kitchen Gifts SewBaby Patterns
Quick Step Quilt Cotton Dreams
Quilt-as-you-go Lunch Placemats (The) Frayed Edge
Quilt-as-you-go Dinner Placemats (The) Frayed Edge
Quilted Blazer Rag Merchant
Quilted Crossroads Kuntry Quiltin'
Quilted Kitchen Helpers Designs to Share with You
Quilted Legal Pad Cover Cotton Dreams
Quilted Totebag The Quilted Closet
Quilter's Angel Southwind Designs
Quilter’s Apron (The) Rag Merchant
Quilter's Cell Phone Case The Quilted Closet
Quilter's Companions Designs to Share with You
Quilter's Necessary A Very Special Collection
Quilter's Take To Class Bag Kay's Quilts
Quilting, Now & Then (Book) Easy2Sew
(The) Quilting Bee Jane Wilson Designs
Quilting Signs Needlesongs
Quilts for the Dorm Maple Island Qults
Quilts in Progress Java House Quilts
Quilty Cats Needlesongs



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